Henri Matisse Exhibition Walk-Through

We’re delighted to welcome The Arts Society members to join us for a walk-through of the current exhibition at Goldmark Gallery, featuring original prints by Henri Matisse. Printmaking was a vital outlet for Henri Matisse (1869-1954); an escape from the stresses of public commissions, and an opportunity to explore his feeling for expressive line and colour. In over half a century he produced some 800 prints in a variety of mediums – etchings, lithographs, wood and linocuts – with a flurry of print activity in his twilight years.

From sensuous late lithographs inspired by French love poetry to reproductions of his extraordinary papier découpé cut-outs, Matisse’s graphic work has all the liveliness, lyricism, and dexterity of his earliest masterpieces. Join us for this fascinating exhibition of Matisse in print.

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