Graham Boyd Exhibition Walkthrough

Join us as we open our first exhibition of paintings by 93 year old veteran of abstraction Graham Boyd. ‘Standing in front of his paintings we might feel just such variegations of mood and feeling. They are so alive, so unpredictable, so disconcerting, and, yes, so beautiful if we make them so.’ Mel Gooding. ‘I am just curious about what is going to happen … what I can do with colour… I don’t want to do what I have done before … the main thing is to do what surprises me.’ Graham Boyd.

With work represented in collections across the world Graham Boyd (b1928) has built and sustained a commitment to the power of colour to evoke the sensation of luminous space as an expression of inner feeling. For the past four decades he has worked from his Hertfordshire studio, attending artists workshops and symposiums in, New York, 1983, Barcelona 1987, and The Azores 1997, working with an international cross – section of painters, sculptors and other media artists, such as Anthony Caro and Larry Poons. Also the critics, Clement Greenberg, Michael Fried and Karen Wilkin. Aged 93, he continues to paint daily.

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