Goldmark | in Partnership with The Arts Society

Goldmark Gallery was founded in the lovely market town of Uppingham in the historic county of Rutland nearly 50 years ago.  We house about 100,000 works of art – from painting and prints to sculptures and pots. We have an in-house print atelier, we write and publish books, make films, produce content for our own Goldmark online tv channel. Our framing and packaging operation ships art throughout the UK and the world.

Goldmark has been a proud affiliate partner of the The Arts Society for the past year. You will have seen the series of special offers on works by artists such as L S Lowry, John Nash and Rigby Graham, available through the Society’s excellent magazine. These offers raise funds for the Society’s invaluable and pioneering work.

However we all know that to be a member of The Arts Society is to embark on a voyage of discovery, and we at Goldmark have been eager companions on that voyage. It has always been our joint ambition that this relationship should be part of the Society’s splendid programme of cultural visits, talks and mini breaks.

This was not possible to implement in 2020, for obvious reasons, and opportunities to visit us look like they will be limited this year too. So, in fine Arts Society tradition, we have decided to bring our gallery to you.

Together we are launching this dedicated Arts Society/Goldmark channel so members can visit the gallery any time of day or night. Over the next year we will produce a series of exclusive walk-through tours of exhibitions and virtual private views – all here to see on We will introduce – or maybe reintroduce – you to the work of such artists as Anthony Gross RA, and the outstanding Japanese potter Akiko Hirai.

To raise funds for the Arts Society’s ongoing mission, we’re pleased to announce that if you would like to buy any of the works you see in the films – or something from our vast stock – then Goldmark will donate 10% of the purchase price to The Arts Society. You can either buy online, email us or chat to us on the phone by calling 01572 821 424. We look forward to hearing from you.